Animals can also benefit from being given intuitive healing. Animals can sense the energies of their human companions and often reflect them, taking on the characteristics of their human companion causing discomfort and dis-ease. Crystal Rainbows has helped many animal companions.

Healings include:

  • Digestive and Intestinal issues
  • Injury and accident
  • Nervousness, Stress and PTSD
  • Physical and mental abuse

When healing/treating your companion animal Crystal Rainbows also coach you, their human companion.

The testimonials below are telepathically conveyed by the animals themselves when healing.

I am a greyhound and I developed a painful limp on my front left joint. I had picked up energies from a member of my family who saw walking me as hard work. It took a few days, after the healing session I received for the pain and my limp to ease.

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