Whilst sharing stories yesterday with recently retired rugby players like myself about our transitions in to the ‘real world’, it was clear that each person had their own things to discuss. What struck a chord with me was that communication and more importantly the way it is delivered, remains one of the most crucial aspects in achieving success. A good friend relayed a story of how one of his colleagues used a ‘chat’ feature on the computer to discuss and ask questions about their work with him. When he told me that this colleague was actually sat 2 chairs away at the same desk, I had to laugh!

I also sat with a client yesterday asking whether messages for his team were clearly understood. I made the point that just because he thinks it is logical and clear, it doesn’t mean everyone else will too. Remember to look at it from all perspectives, remember to give it real clarity and purpose and remember to make it positive. Rugby has taught me a lot of things but nothing as important as effective communication. It can be the difference between a happy squad and an unhappy squad, and it can be the difference between winning and losing.

Wherever you are and whoever you work with, spend time getting to know your team members in person. Trust and credibility cannot be earned behind a computer screen!

It’s good to talk