Unicorns are beautiful beings of light and love. This workshop introduces you to their delightful world of wonder and magic.

Unicorns teach us how to be creative, strong, courageous, to trust, see and sense the beauty within and all around us through our energy fields with their guidance.

Unicorns love rainbows and through these colourful streams of light, the unicorns will show us how to let go and let creativity flow.

Through a guided meditation the unicorns, with their spiraling horns of light will be sending their love into your inner child’s heart. with this light flows beauty, peace, joy, love, confidence and forgiveness. Nurturing your heart chakra opens you up to cosmic heart healing.

We will also be working with crystal energies as unicorns love crystals. Come and experience this wonderful workshop of self healing and enjoyment.

Payment via bank transfer.